Friday, 7 August 2009

Dem bones, dem bones...

Beware the locals when you arrive in Torquay, according to the Guardian, they are all descended from cannibals! (Read the full article here)
The article opens: Deliberate cut marks on a 9,000-year-old human bone excavated in a west country cave more than a century ago suggest that prehistoric Devonians may have been cannibals.
Scientists at Oxford University have examined a fragment of human bone from Kents Cavern, near Torquay in Devon, after a curator spotted it in a mass of animal bone in a museum store. They concluded that it was part of the forearm of a human adult, and that the seven cut marks were deliberately made with a stone tool around the time of death.
The marks suggest that either the flesh was stripped or the body chopped into pieces – perhaps for ritual reasons or to make it more convenient to handle. The arm appears to have been fractured around the time of death. The bone is on display in the Ancestors exhibition at Torquay museum

Really, if we weren't such a tolerant lot down here, it would be quite easy to take offence at something like that. And, rest assured wary traveller, the days of Devonians gnawing on arm bones are long gone.

Now we prefer leg bones.

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Mary said...

That sounds so creepy and scary! Hahaha! Well, no matter what they eat, no ones stopping me for spending Torquay Holidays