Friday, 3 April 2009

Lots to see, lots to do

You're spoilt for choice in Torquay if you like living things - with one of the best zoos in the country as well as a brand new visitor attraction at Living Coasts, and the prehistoric majesty of Kent's Cavern. Here is a brief guide to each of them, but for best results why not just go and experience them for yourselves.

Kents Cavern
Recognised as the most important Stone Age cave in Britain, Kents Cavern has revealed more about palaeolithic Britain than anywhere else. Hand axes dating back almost 500,000 years have been found, as well as an upper jaw bone believed to be the oldest human remain in Europe! Visit for more details.

Paignton Zoo
One of Europe’s finest zoos, focusing on conservation and habitat. Visit the new gorilla enclosure, enter the crocodile swamp, or just take a trip on the Jungle Express, there is so much to see and do here. Visit for more details.

Living Coasts
A coastal zoo right on Torquay seafront, offering visitors the chance to experience the wildlife of our shores with birds and mammals in specially-designed naturalistic habitats, as well as some more exotic creatures, such as those found in the new mangrove exhibit.

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