Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Paignton - what a picture

Let's begin our look at South Devon - and Torbay in particular - with a brief guide to one of the three towns that overlook the bay.
Paignton is the middle of the three towns making up Torbay, and has long been a favourite holiday destination ever since the Bishop of Exeter visited in the Middle Ages. But it was with the arrival of the railway that Paignton really turned into the town we know today.
A more typical British holiday resort is hard to imagine, with its amusement pier, rows of arcades and shops selling candy floss, buckets and spades and fast food restaurants.
But Paignton has more to offer the than those traditional tourist trappings. There are ancient buildings including the medieval Kirkham House and remains of the Bishop of Exeter's palace. Paignton is also home to Oldway Mansion which was designed by the American Isaac Singer, the inventor of the sewing machine, and finished by his son, Paris.
But for good reason is Paignton known as the ideal spot for a family day out, with its excellent sandy beaches, wonderful zoo and plenty of exciting activities from go-karting to paragliding and water-skiing. Or you could just find a quiet spot and watch the world go by with an ice cream.

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